How to Download Microsoft Teams Desktop and Mobile Apps

Microsoft Teams Desktop and Mobile Apps

Microsoft Teams

On computers, Macs, and mobile devices, Microsoft Teams can be installed very easily. It can also be accessed online using a web browser. The majority of end users only need to install the client to begin utilizing Teams.

All they have to do is provide their login and password to log in after installing the Teams client. 

Choose a client operating system in this page to learn more about the Teams installation process and its requirements if you’re an IT professional. 

Check see Teams features by the platform for further information on each client’s capabilities on various platforms. 

Component of Microsoft 365 Apps

For the following operating systems, the Teams desktop client is accessible as a standalone programme and as a component of Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise: 

Windows 8.1 or later, excluding Windows 10 LTSC, in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions, on ARM 

Microsoft Server (2012 R2 or later) 

Apple Linux (in .deb and .rpm formats) 

Microsoft Office on Chromebook

Android Wear (For more information, see How to use Microsoft Office on a Chromebook) 

If they have the necessary local rights, end users can download and install desktop clients directly from On Windows PCs, installing the Teams client does not require administrator privileges; however, on Macs, it does. 

IT professionals have a choice of how to get the installation files to PCs inside their company. Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager (Windows) and Jamf Pro are a couple of examples (macOS). 

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Teams Mobile Apps

The Teams mobile apps, which are available for iOS and Android, are designed for users who are always on the move and engage in chat-based conversations. They also support peer-to-peer audio calls. Visit Google Play or the Apple App Store if you’re looking for mobile apps. 

The following mobile platforms are supported by Teams mobile apps: 

Android: Only the most recent four main Android versions are supported. When a new major version of Android is introduced, it is officially supported along with the previous three versions. 

Two Most Current Major Versions of iOS

iOS: The two most current major versions of iOS are the only ones that are supported. When a major update to iOS is published, both the updated version and the older version are legitimately supported. 

Only the app store for the relevant mobile platform is used for distribution and updates of mobile apps. Microsoft does not support the side-loading or MDM distribution of mobile apps. The Teams Mobile App itself will be supported once the app has been installed on a mobile platform that is supported, providing that the version is no older than three months from the most recent release. 

Browser Client allows Calling and Meetings

The browser client can be used from a variety of browsers and is a complete, working client. Teams can be used in a browser without a plug-in or download because the browser client allows Calling and Meetings through the use of webRTC. Third-party cookies must be permitted in the browser’s settings. 

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