Top 10 Most-Watched Pakistani Dramas

Most-Watched Pakistani Dramas

Top Binge-Watchable Pakistani Dramas

Are all of desi Indian serials or those overrated Hollywood dramas making you tired to watch them? Do you want to give something intriguing and novel a try? Then you’re in for a treat because we’re ranking the top binge-watchable Pakistani dramas from the Pakistani industry today! 

Serials produced in Pakistan are increasingly gaining popularity not only in their home nation but also throughout the world. These top Pakistani dramas of all time have captivated audiences in a big way thanks to their excellent substance and constrained season length. 

Suno Chanda (2018) 

The comic timing in this lovely series is excellent. The family members’ feelings and love are really well conveyed. One of those Pakistani shows with a sizable fan base throughout Asia is this one. It’s hilarious to witness Arsal and Jiya’s love-hate relationship. One of Pakistan’s top dramas, it’s a must-watch. 

Humsafar (2011) 

With excellent acting and background music, this Pakistani drama that makes the list of Pakistani dramas has a very realistic plot. The title song will win your heart. The show is extremely powerful and heartfelt. Both Mahira Khan and Fawad Khan are deserving of praise for their outstanding acting abilities. One of those series you can binge watch all day. 

Baaghi (2017) 

This drama demonstrates the wide variety of Pakistani serials available in genres other than romance. In the entertainment world, this show has carved out a distinct place for itself. It demonstrates how we ought to care for our daughters, wives, and sisters. Try out one of the best serials produced in Pakistan. 

Chupke Chupke (2021) 

It is a really calming Pakistani drama that will make you happy every time you watch it. The distinctiveness of each character, their language, the chemistry between the couples—everything—in the Pakistani drama Chupke Chupke is top-notch. This may be your best option if you want to see a light, humorous, and tension-free drama. 

Zindagi Gulzar Hai (2012) 

This show, another Fawad Khan masterpiece, is deserving of inclusion in the top ten Pakistani dramas. Here, it is seen how Kashaf has worked to improve herself and how, despite getting married, she has never given up on herself or fully relied on her spouse. It is deserving of five stars because it is one of the romantic Pakistani dramas. 

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Ehd-e-Wafa (2019)

Unquestionably, this drama is among the best produced in Pakistan and available to viewers. The four friends have a such genuine friendship, and it is amazing to witness them carve out their own paths in life. It teaches the true meaning of friendship. The title tune by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan is the perfect finishing touch. 100% endorsed. 

Yakeen ka Safar (2017)

In this show, Ahad Raza Mir and Sajal Aly excelled. You won’t feel bored for even a few moment because the skilled performers depict every event, emotion, and gesture so beautifully. Amazing lessons in life are taught by this show and its characters. You’ll understand how “your personal difficulties must never interfere with your work,” thanks to Dr. Asfandyar. Make sure you watch it; it’s fantastic! 

Ishqiya (2020) 

It is again another incredible production that will make you dumbfounded. Everything, even the acting, is spot on. It is a whole spectacle that encompasses all human emotions. Every character, including Rumi, Hamza, Hamna, and Azeem, will hold a particular place in your heart. Try it out; it’s one of the top Pakistani dramas available on Netflix. 

Pyaar Ke Sadqay (2020) 

This scenario from Pakistan is genuinely incredibly fascinating. Yumna Ziadi once again outdid herself, and Bilal Abbas expanded his acting with such a distinctive persona. The naivety of the primary characters and the progression of their relationships carry the narrative. One of the top Pakistani dramas of 2020 is this. 

Ye Dil Mera (2019) 

It is a simply fascinating Pakistani serial that has a great conclusion and is extremely emotional, romantic, dramatic, and mysterious. You would cry nonstop while viewing this masterpiece. At the same time, it is astounding and captivating. One of the top hum tv dramas, in my opinion.

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