Top bloggers in Pakistan 2022

Top bloggers in Pakistan

Abundance of Rising and Experienced Bloggers

Considering the abundance of rising and experienced bloggers in the Pakistani industry, I decided to create my own list of the Top & Best Bloggers from Pakistan. 

Blogging is one of the most well-liked ways to make money online. It’s true that blogging has given those who are having trouble making a living online new opportunity, and many Pakistanis have excelled in this area. 

Knowledge from Blogs and Experiences

Whether you’re a budding blogger or simply searching for some inspiration in your life, check out the fellow bloggers below, visit their profiles, and get knowledge from their blogs and experiences. 

So let’s jump right to Pakistan’s best-performing bloggers. 

[Please notice that the bloggers ARE NOT included in any particular order; be assured, though, that they are all top-rated, successful, and professional bloggers from various parts of Pakistan. 

Muhammad Mustafa 

A well-known blogger from Karachi is named Mustafa. He has years of experience blogging, and he frequently discusses topics like blogging, SEO, how to make money from blogging, etc. 

[10 is the best, 5 is normal, and 1 is the worst] Blog Ratings 

the website 

7/10 for layout 

9/10 for content quality; thorough research. 

Traffic: 6.5/10 

Engagement of Visitors: Comments are scarce. 

What percentage of the time is the content updated? 5 to 10 posts every month, on average. 

Ali Raza, a top digital marketing blogger from Pakistan’s Lahore 

Although I am aware that some of you would object because it is my blog and I am praising myself, I have several valid reasons for include myself in this list. 

Google Certified in Digital Marketing 

Owner of a digital marketing firm and a Google Partner 

update my blog frequently. 

revealing my extensive experience. 

Because my main concern is growing the audience, which has also led to me generating premium content here, I have always thought of earning as the second consideration and delivering as the first. 

I primarily discuss business, branding, and digital marketing on my blog. I also occasionally post tutorials and reviews of products. 

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Pakistan’s leading blogger: Abdul Wali 

Abdul Wali is held in high regard among Pakistan’s blogging community. Think about a candidate for Pakistan’s top blogger who hasn’t attended school yet. He merits it, in fact. Consider checking it out as well. I also recorded his interview. To view this interview, click here. 

Abdul Wali mostly distributes his teachings on several web languages & scripts. He discusses numerous strategies for assisting students in achieving their online objectives as well as blogging. 

[10 is the best, 5 is normal, and 1 is the worst] Blog Ratings 

Blog address: AbdulWali.Net 

7/10 for layout 

Score for Content Quality: 7 

Traffic: 7.5 

Visitor Engagement: 8.5 out of 10 

Aamir Atta of Pakistan’s Islamabad-based, the Best Pakistani Blog. 

Who does not understand Pakistan? A top-tier blog about the tech and IT sector from Islamabad, Pakistan. Additionally, they have begun to focus more on IT, innovation, and some popular news with a Pakistani focus. 

[10 is the best, 5 is normal, and 1 is the worst] Blog Ratings is a blog. 

9/10 for layout 

Score for Content Quality: 7 


10/10 for visitor interest 

What percentage of the time is the content updated? 50 to 80 posts every month on average. 

According to Alexa statistics, is among the top 10,000 websites worldwide and is the 81st most popular website in Pakistan.

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