Saba Qamar hilariously turns down an online proposal


Saba Qamar recently dodged a wedding proposal from a fan, aged 50, wishing to get hitched to her.

The actor got lauded for her iconic wit!

“I want to marry Saba Qamar. I am aged 50 and have no connections in the industry,” the fan wrote on influencer Rafay Mahdood’s Instagram Stories.

“I am serious. I am not joking, brother,” the fan added.

Responding to her fan’s confession, Saba Qamar took a jibe at her online relationship and breakup with entrepreneur Azeem Khan.

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“The phrase ‘Qubool hai’ does not suit me,” wrote Saba.

Whether it’s Baghi, Cheekh, Besharam, Digest Writer, or others, Qamar is known for playing challenging roles. The diva is famous for being busy living her best life.

A few months back, Qamar was set to tie the knot with Khan – a blogger and entrepreneur. However, she decided to call off the wedding, citing personal reasons. A woman had accused Khan of sexual harassment days after he announced his engagement with the actor.

The Baghi actor then took to Instagram to let her fans know that she had called off her wedding to Azeem Khan. Azeem Khan later said that he takes full responsibility for it.

“Saba Qamar, you have an amazing soul and deserve all the happiness in the world. May God bless you with all the love and success. Difficult roads lead to beautiful destinations. I want to take full responsibility for this breakdown.”

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