Where Is Dajjal Now In 2022?

Where Is Dajjal Now

Emergence of Dajjaal

The “Emergence of Dajjaal” is one of the ten major indications that will manifest close to Judgement Day. The deeds of Dajjaal are the darkest and most harmful in all of human history. Every Prophet warned his Ummah against him, which illustrates the magnitude and severity of his wickedness. 

Dajjaal means being a grave liar. Dajjaal is also known as Dajjaal because he will also tell a deception by fusing the truth with lies. He will initially present himself as a believer and exhort people to do good, but later on, he will assert his divinity and claim to be a prophet. He will reportedly be Jewish in heritage. 

Two Types of Dajjal

Dajjaal comes in two forms: minor and major. Minor Dajjals were numerous and will continue to be so. Every false prophet, Maulvi, or Sufi who leads people astray is a Dajjaal. Only Major Dajjaal will assert his divinity. 

The following appearance of Dajjaal has been described based on Ahadees. He will be a tall young man with only one eye. The other eye will be bloodied, and his damaged eye will resemble a bloated grape.

He will have a broad, slightly depressed chest. He will have a broad forehead, and between each of his eyes will be engraved the word “meaning.” Whether or not they are literate, every Muslim will be able to read it. Dajjaal’s hair will be curly. 

Dajjal’s Stay on Earth

For 40 days, Dajjaal will remain on the planet. The first of these days will be equivalent to one year, the second to a month, the third to a week, and the subsequent days will be equivalent to the regular days of a year. 

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The size of the donkey will be such that it will have 40 arms between each of his ears. His donkey will travel at such a rapid pace that it will cover a mile in only one step. He will travel to every region on earth, including the deserts, mountains, and plains.

Makkah and Madinah will be Protected by Angels

But because Makkah and Madinah will be protected by angels, he won’t be able to enter them and instead must remain outside in the muck (Madinah). Every disbeliever and hypocrite in Madinah will flee the city and join Dajjaal as a result of three shocks.

On that day, every male and female hypocrite and transgressor shall be banished from the holy city of Madinah. Yaum-ul-Khallaas is another name for this day because of this. Some narrations claim that Dajjaal won’t be allowed to visit Bayt-ul-Muqaddas or the Toor mountain. 

Variety of Methods to Undermine Peoples’ Faith

Dajjaal will use a variety of methods to try to undermine peoples’ faith. There would be mountains of bread with him, according to a blessed Hadees. Everyone else, excluding Dajjaal’s followers, will be in terrible difficulty. He will travel in two streams.

One of them will be known as Jannah, and the other as Hell. In actuality, the place he will refer to as Jannah is Hell and the place he will refer to as Hell is Jannah. When he gives the command, rain will fall from the sky, and after killing someone, Dajjaal would restore that person back to life in front of onlookers.

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