Car Prices in Pakistan 2022

Car Prices in Pakistan 1

Detailed information about car prices 2022, motor car reviews and vehicle comparisons. Find the latest car price in Pakistan 2022 & new car models markets rates with reviews and specifications.

MG Cars Price in Pakistan 2022

Prices for MG vehicles range from PKR 4,399,000 for a brand-new MG ZS to PKR 8,900,000 for the MG HS. In the moment, 3 deals are gettable at MG dealerships all over Pakistan.

Used MG Cars may be found easily, with prices ranging from PKR 4,250,000 for an MG ZS to PKR 12,200,000 for an MG HS. On PakWheels, there are a total of 598 MG Cars that are for sale in Pakistan.

Formerly British but now Chinese, Morris Garage (MG) Motors is a manufacturer of automobiles. Since 2007, this vehicle brand has been owned by China’s Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation (SAIC). The principal shareholder is Javed Afridi, the CEO of Haier Pakistan, while the local partner of MG Motors in Pakistan is the JW-ZES Group. In November 2020, the company made its debut on the Pakistani car market with the MG HS, a small SUV. In 2021, MG Pakistan intends to introduce the MG ZS and MG ZS EV.

Suzuki Mehran Price in Pakistan 2022

Suzuki Mehran automobiles cost between 860,000 and 860,000 Pakistani rupees.

One of the 2012-released 2nd Gen vehicles is the Suzuki Mehran 2022. The Suzuki Mehran Car underwent some modest visual updates and an engine upgrade to become Euro II compliant in the following generation.

The Mehran Car’s remaining features are the same as those of the first generation. All of the variants will now, however, come with an immobiliser. There will be 4 variations of the Suzuki Mehran Car: the Mehran VX, VX CNG, VXR, and VXR CNG.

One of the top vehicles in the city is the Suzuki Mehran VXR Euro II 2022. Due to its fantastic price and exceptional characteristics, the automobile is one of the most well-known selling items. The motor car offers high-quality goods at an affordable price, and its free parts come in a wide variety.

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Toyota Aqua Price in Pakistan 2022

Toyota Aqua 2021 is a subcompact hybrid gasoline vehicle with a front engine that was introduced to the market in 2012. In some parts of the world, this vehicle is also referred to as the Toyota Prius c.

Compared to Toyota Prius, which can be compared to Toyota Aqua and has lower outward proportions, Toyota Aqua is targeted for a younger clientele. In 2015, it underwent a facelift, which marked the beginning of a string of minor cosmetic improvements. When compared to other vehicles in the same class, the Toyota Aqua’s price in Pakistan is reasonable.

KIA Car Price in Pakistan 2022

The starting price for a new KIA Picanto in Pakistan is PKR 3,100,000. The starting price for a new KIA Grand Carnival is PKR 12,600,000. Five brand-new car models are now on sale at KIA dealerships all around Pakistan.

The price range for a used KIA Classic ranges from PKR 165,000 to PKR 14,050,000, while the price range for a used KIA Grand Carnival is even higher. On PakWheels, there are a total of 2528 KIA Cars for sale in Pakistan.

A reputable South Korean automaker and Hyundai’s twin cousin is Kia. In 2016, the renowned automaker restarted business in Pakistan in collaboration with Lucky Cement of the Yunus Brothers Group (YBG). In the local market, Kia has introduced a number of vehicles, and it intends to introduce more in 2022. The leading models of this brand in Pakistan are the Kia Sportage and Kia Picanto. Between July 2020 and September 2020, the company achieved record revenues of Rs. 20.5 billion. In the regional car sector, Kia Pakistan is expanding at an exponential rate and has a bright future.

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