The Technology behind Chat GPT

The Technology behind Chat GPT

Open AI or Chat GPT, a technological chatbot the Microsoft released last year. It takes a text prompt and then write a human-like response. Last week Chat GPT also announced GPT-4, a new multi model because it can perceive not only text but images and documents as commands.

Google and all other giant companies are now planning to launch robotic products to gain public’s fancy that could change the nature of work at global level. But the question is what is behind this massive form of technology ?

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Generative Artificial Intelligence

The Generative AI is the main technology behind the concept of Chat GPT. Generative AI is basically the form of Artificial Intelligence, through which tasks are take place according to past data present. It creates brand new form of data, a text, an image and even program coding based on all the data present on relevant command.

The newer model of Chat GPT, GPT 4 also allows user to put the command in form of image. The President of Open AI said that the technology can take a photo of hand drawn mock model and built a whole new real one website according to needs.

Benefits of Generative AI

All the business communities around the world are now using AI technology to carry out their work. The technology helps in taking notes during virtual meetings, it can personalized emails, create power point presentations and cleanup the drafts which are unnecessary.

Dangers of Generative AI

Along with a lot of benefits, AI technology is also creating some negative impact on various fields where only human efforts are required. Students are now submitting their AI made essays, neglecting the fact of hard work required in learning.

Cyber Security experts also showed their concern that hacking risks are increased due to AI. It could allow bad actors to produce more misinformation than before.

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Still the companies around the world, Microsoft, Google, Salesforce Inc, all are creating their own AI labs and Generative technology to get in race.

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