X.AI Artificial Intelligence company by Elon Musk

X.AI Artificial Intelligence company by Elon Musk

The Owner of Tesla and Twitter made a new company X.AI Artifical Intelligence Corporation and he also merged Twitter with a newly created “X” Shell company. It appeared as Musk is already on task of finding rival for ChatGPT Open AI.

According to inside detailed report, Elon Musk hired powerful, costly computer systems and professional engineering team to make Twitter a part of an AI Project.

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It seems like, Tesla owner is working hard to get the best rival for ChatGPT, Open AI. The Twitter CEO earlier wrote that, “AI systems with human-competitive intelligence can pose profound risks of society and humanity”.

Some of the big technology companies like Google, Microsoft, and Meta have spent a lot of years on AI, also known as big data or machine learning. Elon Musk also cofounded Open AI but left it in 2018.

Elon Musk facing Criticism

Twitter introduced a lot of changes including blue tick verification payments and new default view for users. The new default view for users allow the display of selected tweets from the accounts user is following. Previously users have option to choose for top tweets and on going trends in newsfeed.

One of the journalist Sarah Hurst in United Kingdom said that, “She noticed some changes in the way platform displayed certain government and media accounts”.

Most commonly it displays about Russia and Ukraine War, more tweets from Russian government accounts and State Media. Twitter is giving more attention to accounts that are already spreading disinformation in public.

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Elon Musk has been criticised for making weird changes in the app which used to be a good and authentic source of information. Last Week, he also changed the definition of Twitter to “State-affiliated Media”.

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