Nawaz’s Secretary Attacked in London

Rashid Nasrullah

Nawaz Sharif’s personal assistant was attacked on Monday in front of an Ilford doctor’s office. 

Rashid Nasrullah reported the incident to the police, saying that three men beat him and threatened to kill him if he continued to back Mr. Sharif. 

Comment on Twitter

Nasrullah wrote on Twitter, “Another day, another thuggery incidence. Imran Niazi’s thugs assaulted me while I was travelling to the office and made a knife-wielding death threat.” 

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Police are looking into the attack, he added. 

PTI vs PML-N in London

While the PML-N and PTI workers in London frequently engage in heated exchanges of heckling and charged sloganeering, this was one of the infrequent instances of physical assault. 

Some PTI activists allegedly tried to attack Mr. Nawaz outside of his office in April, but his bodyguards stopped them.

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