Sindh Food Authority accused of Corruption

Sindh Food Authority accused of Corruption

The Sindh Food Authority accused of involved in corruption by restaurant owners. Restaurant owners accused the organization of taking money for de-sealing bakeries and restaurants despite unhygienic environment.

Earlier the Sindh Food Authority conducted raid on a bakery in North Nazimabad and sealed it. After it, the man named Tahir Baloch demanded Rs 70,000 for de-sealing bakery. The investigation team exposed this money demand to Sindh Food Authority.

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Secret recording from investigation team showed that Tahir Baloch took the money and said, ‘I will provide you an affidavit and bakery will be de-sealed then’.

All the reports and investigation videos are provided to Sindh Food Authority but Deputy Director Khadim Hussain rejected the fact and said that he had not taken bribe from anyone and Tahir Baloch is not involved in it.

After further investigation, it was found out that Tahir Baloch was a private person and driver of the Deputy Director Khadim Hussain.

Purpose of Sindh Food Authority

Sindh Food Authority is responsible for taking action against any illegal activity involved in food department of city, to keep check and balance in food restaurants and shops. The bakery was sealed by the Sindh Food Authority for its unhealthy and unhygienic environment.

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Later on money was taken and Sindh Food Authority de-sealed the bakery without any cleaning orders. According to investigation team Sindh Food Authority is more involved in corruption instead of ensuring the food quality and performing their duties rightfully.

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