Imposing Urdu as an Official Language

Imposing Urdu as an Official Language

Government of Pakistan decided to make Urdu as an official language of Pakistan for all departments of Pakistan under article 251 of constitution. The Ministry of Planning, Development and Special initiative is taking practical measures to implement Urdu as an official language.

According to the practical plan, project is started worth Rs 78.186 million named, ‘Establishment of National Language Processing Laboratory (NLP-Lab)’. The project will include efforts in accordance with Supreme Court’s order of 2015 to enforce Urdu as an official language.

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The sponsoring agency of this Language project is Ministry of National Heritage and Culture Division. It will also help the government in executing this project.

The Director General of National Language Promotion Department, Dr Rashid Hameed said that, “The core objective of the project is to elevate Urdu to the status of languages with extensive digital data resources and equip it with modern technology application”.

Dr Rashid Hameed is associated with National Language Promotion Department since October 1979. The aim of this department is to advance and promote the Urdu national language.

NLP Lab Details & Objective

The project of NLP includes the development of several applications like Machine Translation, Speech Recognition, and Optical Character Recognition that would make language learning more accessible.

The project will help facilitating cross-border communication and enable people to access online content, promote cultural understandings and help preserve language resources.

The success of nation depends of promotion of its national languages highly and only languages that adapted to the latest technology would service in today’s world of competition.

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Since getting power last year in April 2022, current government has taken several steps in implementing digital transformation in Pakistan. Minister of Planning and Development Ahsan Iqbal has been a driving force behind all these efforts.

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