Urdu novels you must read in 2023

Urdu novels you must read in 2023

Urdu novel introduced a new style and approach of telling stories with strong male and female characters that attract readers beyond the limits. Novels made people aware of psychological and emotional truths of life and often make them realize the importance of relationship.

Despite the advent of technology and hype of social media, people still love to read books and novels with good storyline. While talking about Urdu novels there are many famous Urdu writers with versatile and deep knowledge of writing outstanding stories according to the norms of society.

The famous novelist of Pakistan include, Umera Ahmad, Nemrah  Ahmad, Farhat Ishtiaq, Sumera Hameed and many other who have wrote brilliant work which we all must read in 2023.

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List of Novels

Here is the list of some outstanding story novels that you must read in ongoing year 2023.

Maala by Nemrah Ahmad

Maala is a novel written by Nemrah Ahmad, the story of this novel revolves around a boy named Mahir Fareed and female lead character Kashmala Mobeen. This socio-romantic novel reflects emotions, human behavior and importance of relationships. The best thing about Nemrah Ahmad’s novels is that it depicts the societal evils in the most perfect way. In Malal, the writer tried to reflect the story of Black magic and its dangerous results.

Yaram by Sumaira Hameed

It is a tale of blind, selfless and unconditional love, devotion and loyalty with each other no matter the societal norms or borders. The story of this outstanding novel revolves around the girl who went abroad for study and there she met a group of friends with best qualities. The male lead character got betrayed by the girl because of so called societal norms. Still the male character showed his strong personality and crossed all the borders for importance of his loyalty. The novel is depicting the society’s norm of don’t letting the girls living their life with freedom.

Haalim by Nemrah Ahmad

Haalim is one of the bestselling novel written by Nemrah Ahmad. The plot of the story sets in Malaysia and revolves around two strong characters, how they faced challenges in their lives and learn from their mistakes. The main theme of story is time travel and the struggle of characters during their pains and gains. It shows the emotions, weakness and strengths of characters in the best possible way.

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Baasil by Huma Waqas

Baasil is the outstanding work of Huma Waqas depicting a lot of social evils that are destroying today’s youth. The novel revolves around the girl who is sold in China for prostitution and her struggle to save herself from the dirty world. The main lead character of novel got betrayed from his close blood relations and he start his career in intelligence agency and saved the female lead character.

Sulphite by Noor Rajpoot

It is also one of the best novel showing the bitter results of our doings in this society. The novel revolves around the male lead who is really not into religion and living his life uselessly and then he came to meet a girl and as their story starts, the boy got into accident and get away from the scene. Then the male and female lead characters met in another country after many years.

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