Fake news caused hike in Rawalpindi passport office

Fake news caused hike in Rawalpindi passport office

According to the official sources, a lot of citizens gathered in Rawalpindi passport offices after getting news from social media site that passport fee is increasing in Pakistan. 

This rush triggered a major security concern for officials of Rawalpindi regional passport office. The passport office called the heavy force of police to avoid any kind of mishap to happen.

A lot of citizens of Rawalpindi gathered to passport office for their passport renewal and passport making because they heard a news of fee increment for passport making.

FIA request to Police department

The additional director of Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) requested CPO Rawalpindi to send more cops to control the situation. Officers of police told the citizens that news regarding fee increase is fake and government did not make any announcement on it.

After sources confirmation people started leaving the passport office and situation got controlled. The citizens should behave responsibly before moving towards any official department and confirm the news first that is circulating on social media.

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The security officials advised the people to not take any action after reading any random news form social media. Most of the news on social media is not true and without authentic source. A lot of mishaps also happened because of fake news issues and it created a lot of mess in garrison city.

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