Farukh Habib accused of attacking security forces

Farukh Habib accused of attacking security forces

Farukh Habib is accused of attacking security forces van to get Fawad Chohdary, Punjab police registered a case of robbery and attacking the security personnel against him. The FIR is registered on complain of Islamabad police senior officer Adeel Shaukat in ferozewala station of Sheikupura.

Under the sections of 148, 149, 186, 341 and 395 of Pakistan penal code, FIR is registered against him as attacking the armed forces and case of robbery. It is accused that Farukh Habib and other suspects with guns and tried to take out Fawad Chohdary from police van.

The FIR explained that police was taking Fawad Chohdary from Lahore to Karachi, when Farukh Habib attacked the van and forcefully tried to take Fawad Chohdary with him. The complaint showed that Farukh Habib tried to interfere in official affairs. The PTI leaders tried to attack police officers and snatched their weapons. The court is requested to take strict action against him.

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Defamation case on Fawad Chohdary

Previously, ECP registered a case against Fawad Chohdary as he threatened the senior official of ECP and their families. The case is still going on in Islamabad court. Fawad Chohdary in a media talk show stated that if ECP continue to attack PTI leaders then there will be lose to ECP members and their families.

In reaction, the ECP registered defamation case against him explaining that threatening official institutions on public TV is crime and strict action is needed against him. After the arrest of Fawad Chohdary, PTI leaders are asking for public to come out on roads and protest against ECP and government.

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The ECP explained that it is of true defamation case and strict penalties should be made against Fawad Chohdary otherwise there would be serious threat for country’s peace.

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