President Alvi, President of Pakistan or PTI only?

President Alvi, President of Pakistan or PTI only?

The President of Pakistan, Dr Arif Alvi said that any case against Imran khan would cause severe public backlash. The public is not ready to accept any defamation or any true case against Imran khan. Government should focus on economy.

 President Dr Arif Alvi said that if government tried to arrest PTI leader, the crowd of public would come pout to save their leader. The large group of PTI workers are already staying outside the house of PTI leader in Bani gala to save Imran Khan from arrest.

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Minus one formula in Pakistani politics

Talking to media, President Alvi said that, the situation in country is worse right now, at this time any kind of activity against Imran Khan will cause severe reaction. The minus-one formula never succeeded in Pakistan.

The President also discussed the case of Fawad Chohdary’s arrest and said that the concerned authorities should be ashamed on how they arrest the senior leader, handcuffed and forcefully from his residential house.

 He said that negotiation is the only option for this government, any kind of conflict will made no progress to country. He added that current government is responsible for lack of negotiation. We are talking with PTI chairman and he is angry on arrest of Fawad Chohdary.

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There are no negotiations at any level at this time,” he said, adding that Imran Khan was not averse to talks. Alvi maintained that he held the government responsible for the lack of negotiations.

He also added that he has contact with establishment and army had said that it did not want to interfere in politics anymore. He farther claimed that PTI leader and Fawad Chohdary showed that they are ready for talks but the current government does not showed any concern of negotiations.

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