4 Security personnel killed on Pak-Iran Border

4 Security personnel killed on Pak-Iran Border

Four security personnel are killed in firing on Pakistan Iran border. The security persons was from Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC).

According to the report released by state media of Iran, the killed security personnel include Muhammad Goudarzi, member of elite force and three members of Basij forces, all were working under IRGC force.

The incident took place in province of Sistan from Iran and Baluchistan province of Pakistan near Pakistani border. The IRGC forces stopped the firing from attackers leading towards Pakistan which resulted in killing of four security persons.

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Ongoing protests in Iran

Iran is also currently dealing with intense protest situation in the country after the death of Mahsa Amini, Pakistan and Iran border has seen some of the deadliest events after the beginning of protest. Irani media also blamed United States behind the ongoing protest in the country.

Iran state media reported that terrorist forces attacked IRGC, killing several members of security, prompting a response to the attack, security personnel got killed. The attackers were trying to enter Pakistan through Iran border which resulted in firing between IRGC forces and attackers.

A security body also reported that more than 200 people are killed after the unrest protest situation in Iran. Iranian military forces accused international hands in country’s disturbed situation mentioning US and Israel.

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State television also reported previously that Intelligence ministry of Iran also arrested unidentified person who are working for Israel and damaging the peace of Iran. Iran has been in disturbed situation from past few years because of ongoing situation inside and outside of the country. While Iran claimed the outer countries for involvement in conflicting situation of Iran.

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