Safety tips to drive in Extreme fog

Safety tips to drive in Extreme fog

Thick layer of fog cover Pakistan every year in which a lot of people face accidents, on Tuesday four people died in Toba Tek Singh because of fog accidents.

The fog cause hazardous condition on roads, making it difficult to see even a close distance. The fog covers most of the areas of Punjab in winters from November to end of January.

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Experts says that it is because of changing climatic conditions that we are facing intense fog conditions in Pakistan. Government should work with international states on changing climatic action for future protection.

As we are currently have no solution for fog, it is important to focus on self safety first and people who need to drive on daily basis should follow some safety rules to avoid accidents.

Safety precautions for driving in fog

People who need to drive daily in winters should keep these points in their minds:

• If possible try to avoid driving in early morning, if it’s necessary keep these safety points in mind.

• Use fog lights and drive at really low speed that other vehicle can be seen easily.

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• Avoid changing lanes and overtaking as intense fog make it difficult to see for everyone.

• Use low headlights as high beam headlights can cause more difficulty in vision.

• Keep your windows and windscreen clean to see clearly.

• Blow horn repeatedly, so that the other vehicle can easily spot your vehicle in fog.

• Try to drive at the side of road, don’t ever drive in middle of the road in intense foggy situation.

• Do not apply sudden brakes in the middle of road, avoid high speed and make sure that vehicle’s light indicators are working properly.

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