Confidence vote won by CM Punjab

Confidence vote won by CM Punjab

The chief minister of Punjab, Chohdary Pervez Elahi, won the majority vote of confidence in parliament. The vote of confidence that continued after midnight proved the majority is in support of CM Punjab.

 The PTI leader Fawad Chohdary announced that CM Punjab will take the confidence vote and we are hoping for the good results. He won 186 votes, the minimum number of votes to win trust vote. However, the opposition denied this vote.

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The law minister Raja Basharat started the table for vote of confidence after which parliament members casted their vote. The parliament members of Pakistan Muslim league N and Pakistan People’s party, started shouting around deputy speaker’s chair and walkout when the confidence vote started. They started protesting outside the assembly building against confidence vote.

Conflicting situation between PML-N and PTI

The opposition parties demanded that there is no possibility of confidence vote when the matter is still unsolved in court. The speaker ignoring the loudness of opposition started to count vote numbers and on recounting the result was same. The opposition members demanded proceedings again on Thursday.

The law minister Raja Basharat pointed out the interior minister Rana Sanaullah for forcing members to cast vote against CM. PML-N forced speaker to delay the session but speaker continued it and asked the members to have a debate on current economic and political situation of country to which everyone agreed.

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As usual, the PTI leaders, Dr Yasmin Rashid, Fayazul Hassan Chohan, and other leaders blamed PML-N for high prices and ongoing disturbance in country, while PML-N leaders blamed PTI for all this bad scenario country is facing. Nobody paid attention to solution for all these problems.

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