Suicide blast outside Foreign Ministry Afghanistan

Suicide blast outside Foreign Ministry Afghanistan

In a recent blast outside the foreign ministry of Afghanistan, five people got killed and several got injured. The security officials outside the ministry said that we spotted a man seemed strange, and as we tried to stop him, he exploded himself with suicide bomb.

The Kabul police chief Khalid zadran said that, five of our civilian brothers martyred in this blast, and whoever is responsible for this blast will be behind the bars soon. We seriously condemn this life taking attack on Muslims in Afghanistan.

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Afghan Officials about the attack

No group yet claimed the responsibility for the attack while afghan Taliban are reporting that militant Islamic state (IS) group is responsible for this attack. Brother of afghan foreign minister, Ahmad ullah Mutaqqi said that the bomber was about to enter the foreign ministry but timely action of security personal saved the ministry from greater loss.

He said at the time of incident most of the ministers were not present in the office and tis saved them from incident. We are investigating the incident and will make sure that all the involved terrorists should be punished.

The foreign office of Pakistan also paid condolences for afghan people and martyred families saying that we are sad on this incident in our brother country. Afghanistan is fighting against all the terrorism in country and we are standing with them against this war.

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In the past few months, Pakistan also faced same terrorism challenges, in Khyber Pakhtunkhawa, Punjab and as well as the federal capital. The outside forces of terrorists are involved in these terrorist attacks in Muslim countries which should be stopped.

Pakistan and Afghanistan will never allow any terrorist group to involve in any kind of terrorist activity within country and destroy the peace and security of nation.

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