National Security Committee meeting to improve security of the country

National Security Committee meeting to improve security of the country

NSC meeting was held on Friday the 30th regarding the security guidelines of state, discussing all the security measures for dealing the current crises of Pakistan. NSC meeting will held again today for more guidelines on terrorism and economic security of Pakistan.

The meeting will be lead by PM Shahbaz Shareef in İslamabad, all the senior military and civil authorities are expected to attend the meeting.

Security threats to Pakistan

Keeping in mind the rising terrorism threats, the PM will approve the updated guidelines for safety of economic and national border of Pakistan. İn the last meeting PM said “Pakistan national interests are not to be comprised in any case”

The NSC meeting is resulted because of ending ceasefire agreement by Taliban’s, attacking Pakistani security forces in which five soldiers got killed and more than dozen are injured in Waziristan and other parts of KP.

The meeting officials also paid tribute to the five martyrs of Pakistan army and gave condolences to their families. PM said “Terrorists are the worst enemies of Pakistan and we will fight with them on any case”

The meeting resulted with the statement that Pakistan’s national and economical security interests will be protected with bravery and strong will power till the last breath.

PTI out of the NSC meeting

PTİ claimed that this government is not doing anything for Pakistan and this is the exact time for elections to save Pakistan from national and international threats.

PTİ minister Fawad Chohdary said that “only solution to talk with Talibans is İmran Khan. PML N is not capable of dealing with Pakistan security concerns.

He further claimed that PML N did not invited the security members of KP and Baluchistan; the main provinces of Pakistan. He said that PM Shahbaz Shareef is only concerned about Punjab not the whole Pakistan.  

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