Rights Group Expresses Concern about the Widespread Arrests in Pakistan’s Gwadar

Arrests in Pakistan's Gwadar

Reports of Widespread Arrests

A rights organisation with offices in London has voiced concern over reports of widespread arrests and the declaration of an emergency in Pakistan’s Gwadar amid widespread demonstrations against “illegal fishing through trawlers.”

“Following protests in Gwadar, Amnesty International is disturbed by allegations of widespread arrests and the declaration of emergency legislation. People have the right to peacefully voice their unhappiness, and the government is required to support this right “According to a statement on Twitter from Amnesty International.

Government of Pakistan Protects the Human Rights

“Banning all types of public gatherings outright amounts to repression of the right to protest and sends a chilling message that there is no tolerance for dissent,” the group claimed. The statement continued, “It is essential that the Government of Pakistan protects the human rights of everyone in the nation, especially their rights to freedom of expression, association, and peaceful assembly.

The provincial government of Gwadar has repressed demonstrators with an iron fist and enacted an emergency decree that forbids gatherings of five or more persons, leading to the detention of a total of 100 people.

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Provincial Government Implemented Section 144

According to the Dawn newspaper, the arrests happened when the provincial government implemented Section 144 of the Criminal Procedure Code in Gwadar. The Balochistan home department issued a statement stating that “all types of rallies, protests, sit-ins, and gatherings of five or more individuals will be banned in the port city of Gwadar.”

The Express Tribune daily stated on Friday that commercial hubs and retail establishments in Gwadar remained closed as cellular and mobile networks were still down for the fifth straight day.

Balochistan Administration

On Friday, security was stepped up in and around Gwadar, and police officers were sent into the area to uphold the law. The Balochistan administration has also banned pillion riding, according to a Pakistani publication.

In the Pakistani port city, unrest persisted despite fights with followers of the “Haq Do Tehreek,” with rallies continuing after the encounters (HDT). Locals and security personnel clashed in Gwadar last month when anti-illegal fishing demonstrations turned violent after some people were detained.

Jamaat-i-Islami Chief Liaquat Baloch

According to sources cited by the Dawn, the provincial government had spoken with Jamaat-i-Islami chief Liaquat Baloch to assist restore calm and find solutions to the problems that have become a point of conflict between the government and the HDT.

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