Pakistan technology investment fall 10% down in 2022

Pakistan technology investment fall 10% down in 2022

Pakistan technology investment saw a massive rise in 2021, but success was not solid and in 2022 Pakistan witnessed a huge fall down in technology investments. In 2021, Pakistan invested over 2 Billion Dollars in technology field. Giant investors of the market entered the Pakistan technology circle.

In the mid of 2022, this rise finally witnessed its  downfall with 10% decrease in investments. The end of 2021 and start of 2022 seems pretty good, $173 million dollars was total outcome of 6 months till sixth month of 2022 but after June, the outcome gradually fall and annual outcome was only $351m which is 10% low than the annual outcome of 2021.

Technology downfall in Pakistan

The reason found behind this low rate investments in technology is lack of interest of international markets in Pakistani technology. On an average the investment rate of international market holders in Pakistan is slowed down to 79%, which is quite a low percentage.

In 2021, the investors and business holders were enthusiastic and ready to meet the supply and demand challenges of market but in 2022, the online orders, money transactions, international buying and selling slowed down to a huge extent. Pakistan technology system is currently facing great crises of the times.

In 2022, the digital transactions of Pakistan e commerce sites fall down to only 9.1 m from pretty good amount of 139m. In this digital and global world, Pakistani government need to renew the laws of international level investments and trade.

With the current economic and technological situation of the country, the coming years seem to be depressed. The global market is growing very rapidly and Pakistan is not working to that fastest speed for competing in international market.

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