PM Pakistan’s trip to UAE started

PM Pakistan’s trip to UAE started

The Prime Minister Shahbaz Shareef reached Abu Dhabi for two day trip on invitation of United Arab Emirates President, Sheikh Muhammad Bin Zayed Al Nahyan. This is the third visit of PM to UAE after appointing as a prime minister.

This visit includes high level delegation with senior members of cabinet. The Pakistan and UAE enjoys a brotherly connection between both the countries and ready to process further these strong connection. Pakistan is ready to connect with central Asia via Afghanistan. The prime minister said that we are hoping strong multilateral relation with Arab countries.

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Strong relations between UAE and Pakistan

The United Arab Emirates is helping Pakistan in many socio economic developments under the supervision of great leader Sheikh Zayed bin al Nahyan; he showed great interest in providing good work opportunities to Pakistani workers. These opportunities served as a bridge between both the nations.

The UAE is one of the greatest trade partners with Pakistan in the whole Middle East, the prime minister will also meet the vice president of UAE and ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Muhammad bin Rashid al Makhtoum.

The UAE is also considered as the second home of Pakistani as over 1.7 million Pakistani are living and working in UAE, contributi9ng to success, growth and economy of both the countries. During the visit of Prime minister, he will also visit the emirate businessman and investors to discuss on ways to increase trade between both the nations.

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Apart from it, the COAS of Pakistan, General Asim Munir is also in UAE for visit, where he discussed the strong military and bilateral relationships of both countries with senior officials of UAE.

The United Arab Emirates is also working in Pakistan on education, health, economical, and infrastructures factors. The relationship between both the nations is more than 50 years old and Pakistan is hoping for stronger relationship with UAE in future.

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