No E-Bikes for public

No E-Bikes for public

The industries and production division presented the idea of more production of electronic bikes and providing the subsidy on e-bikes, but most of the cabinet members did not agreed on the idea saying that it will be unsustainable. Most of the people buy fuel bikes on installments, and e-bikes are costly so will be the installments.

People are now not satisfied with fuel prices but with the subsidy on e-bikes, people will feel stressed on instalments and prices of e-bikes, so it will not provide any relief to public. The idea reached to cabinet after detailed discussion in Economic Coordination Committee, but still it is not sustainable to introduce e-bikes for public.

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Increase in fuel prices

One of the cabinet members pointed out that instead of e-bikes subsidy, the department should focus on producing motorbikes in reliance with low quality fuel so that people feel eased in fuel prices. The prime minister directed the petroleum department to start working on low grade petrol usage in motorcycles and rickshaws.

According to the local incentives, almost 22 companies in Pakistan have e-bikes manufacturing license with 1% sales tax and 1% custom duty tax. In the present era, almost 18,000 e-bikes are on roads.

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This lower percentage showed that public is not satisfied with buying e-bikes for their daily usage but ion the same side people are not happy with fuel prices. The cabinet members agreed on production of electric two wheelers, and directed the petroleum department to work more in this regard.

The order has been issued to petroleum department for making lower grade fuel for motorbike and rickshaws as well as e- wheelers to be available for public on subsidy.

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