Islamabad Literary Festival starts Tomorrow

Islamabad Literary Festival starts Tomorrow

A three-day Islamabad literary festival will kick off tomorrow in different parts of city to promote arts, culture, literature and book reading among the residents of Capital city. The Capital Development Authority (CDA) is arranging different spots in city to manage the festival.

Islamabad Literary Festival will promote the arts, culture and literature of country and make people aware about the importance of literature in 21st century.

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Events in Literary Festival

The Chairman of Capital Development Authority (CDA) said that we are making sure that literary festival should be made as regular annual event with a lot of new features every year and full public participation in the festival.

He said that, The Festival is all about creating awareness among the residents about literature, arts and culture of Pakistan. With the advent of technology people are getting far away from book reading habit. The literary festival will promote the habit of reading books and its importance among public.

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Chairman CDA Noor ul Amin Mengal said that all the events of festival would be fully sponsored. The festivities on three-day event will begin at 4 pm and the series of events would include theatre, cultural dances, musical nights, poetry nights and panel discussion about different regional and provincial languages.

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