End of an era, Writer Amjad Islam Amjad died

End of an era, Writer Amjad Islam Amjad died

The 78 year old writer and famous poet of Pakistan, Amjad Islam Amjad died because of heart attack, the news of his death is confirmed by his family. Amjad Islam Amjad contributed a lot in Urdu literature and culture of Pakistan. He wrote a lot of famous poetry and stories for Pakistani arts and cultural industry.

Amjad Islam Amjad was born on 4 August 1944 in Lahore and died today in Lahore. He lived 78 years of his life with love of Urdu language in his heart. He has done a lot of hard work to make people know the beauty of Urdu language. Amjad Islam Amjad has done his masters in Urdu from Punjab University in 1967. After completing his masters he was appointed as Urdu professor in MAO College Lahore.

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Amjad Islam Amjad served MAO College Lahore for 8 years and trained a lot of students in Urdu proficiency and knowledge of Urdu literature. After completing his teaching career till 1975 he appointed as Deputy Director in Punjab Arts Council in same year.

Amjad Islam Amjad’s dramas

Amjad Islam Amjad has been a vital part in Urdu world. He has wrote many famous plays for Pakistani entertainment industry including Varis, Din, Fishar and many more. His dramas and writing style is still an inspiration for other writers. His famous TV dramas Khawab Jaagty Hein also got an award in 1975 for best screen play and writing.

Amjad Islam Amjad wrote dramas based on criticism because of his high understanding of human psychology. He has also won many national and international awards. Amjad Islam Amjad has done a lot for Urdu culture. He also translated famous African Poetry including Kale Logon Ki Roshan Nazmein.

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The awards of Amjad Islam Amjad includes Pride of Performance in 1987 and Sitara e Imtiaz in 1988. Amjad Islam Amjad also received prestigious Tamgha e Imtiaz in 1998. The Urdu world will always be thankful to this phenomenal writer who served his lifetime talent for Urdu language.

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