What happened to Pakistani dramas?

What happened to Pakistani dramas?

Pakistani dramas are considered as best depiction of art and culture with its unique story lining. In the past times, when national television used to on air prime time serials, roads went empty and people were addicted to dramas made by PTV.

But from past few decades we have witnessed a decline in Pakistani drama culture, the audience complaint about the storylines, characters and visualization of dramas on national as well as private TV channels.

In the start the content was divided into four categories, news, sports, entertainment and infotainment. Other than news and sports people used to love entertainment content a lot. Pakistani dramas were popular in UK, India, Bangladesh and many other countries. But now the audience are not much satisfied with the content.

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When people talk about past dramas or best dramas, they mostly refer to stories written by brilliant writers, Haseena Moin famous for social comedies and writing stories featuring courageous and strong women in her stories but today’s drama depicting crying princess who does not know her importance at all.

When we look at most popular TV serials from last five years, there are only few top hits of dramas that got popular among audience. First of all talking about some serials which got attention from all around the world.

Meray Pass Tum ho

The story of Meray Pass Tum Ho revolved around a man who was madly in love with his wife and his wife ditched him for prince charming of business world. The character Danish loved her wife a lot and tried to give her all opportunities still she happened to go in live in relationship with rich brat of company and left her child and husband for him.

At the end the lead character Danish didn’t forgive her wife and said that he cannot forget all the pain because of this Woman. Not forgiving and saying harsh words to his ex-wife was somehow ok but showing a woman with a kid ditching her family just because of money was totally not okay.

The character of woman portrayed in this drama was totally a wrong concept and just not according to the culture of Pakistan.

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Khuda or Muhabbat 3

Another popular drama from Pakistani entertainment industry, showing a poor boy with low academic qualification, leaving his parents, careers and everything behind just to get a girl who is not even interested in him.

These type of shows only make our young population learn the tactics and risking their everything for a girl without even knowing that to live with a girl they love, they need to earn some good reputation and livings.

Not only these two top hits, most of the dramas of Pakistani industry are revolving around getting a girl, how to ditch someone and typical old Saas bahu stories. The socially active audience truly knows that these stories are just waste of time and turning the society to another phase which is not according to culture and religion as well.

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