Army worried as Jungkook of BTS cried during live

Army worried as Jungkook of BTS cried during live

BTS is a famous musical band of South Korea comprised of 7 boys having fans all around the world. In a latest Weverse Live, Jungkook, the youngest member of BTS talked with his fans for straight two hours.

During the live stream singer shared stories, played music and have chit chat with Army (worldwide fans of BTS). In the middle of Live singer started playing ambient music and jokingly narrated a guided meditation trying to make people watching fall asleep.

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Jungkook covered his face with hands and left army in shock that he might be crying. After some seconds he quietly stared at the screen reading the comments of army showing concern about him.

Jungkook having Rhinitis

Fans began to comments about their idol tearing up when he rubbed his eyes. Jungkook quickly explained that he was not crying, but he had rhinitis, through which he tends to get a runny nose which makes it seems like he is crying.

Though Jungkook gave a clear explanation about it, Army from around the world are still showing concern about their idol. There is huge crowd in social media discussing about their idol’s live.

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Some of the Army is relating it to Jungkook’s connection with Jin, another member of BTS who is currently in military to complete his service. Army’s saying that Jungkook might be missing his Jin Hyung (Big Brother in Korean). Well whatever is the reason behind Jungkook crying, fans are still worried about their favorite singer.

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