New Teaser of solo Debut by BTS’ Jimin

New Teaser of solo Debut by BTS' Jimin

BTS is one of the top band of Korea, famous all over the world for their best performances and unity. They have fans ‘army’ all around the world who love them a lot. Jimin, one of the member of BTS announced the teaser of his upcoming solo debut Face.

The teaser posted by Jimin shows different aspects of the album, one of the shots showed the singer standing alone in a room with white sheets and furniture. The album include a lot of tracks Face Off, Dive, Set me free, like crazy and will be released on 24th of March.

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The title track of the album is Like Crazy, having two parts produced by Jimin and one of the band member RM. One of the track, set me Free part 2 is pre released track coming out on 17th of March.

Update on Band mate Jin

One of the bandmate Jin is currently in military for his mendatory traning and fans are just missing their favorite idol. J-Hope and Jimin from the group went to eat out with Jin and even shared a picture of it to make fans happy.

J-Hope while streaming about his new song also talked about Jin saying that he has put on a lot of weight due to eating well. He even looks healthier than before.

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Jimin also discussed about Jin saying that It would have been better if all members can got but since each is busy, we have a few days to spare so we decided to go and meet our friend.

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