CM Sindh Murad Ali Shah in long queue in Canada

CM Sindh Murad Ali Shah in long queue in Canada

Crossing lines, breaking rules and not standing in the queue by using VIP card may seem normal in Pakistan but international rules are quite different as well as equal for anyone whether a VIP or normal person.

In Pakistan, a long queue of vehicles and security vans follow the main vehicle of VIP, any minister or senior officer. All the traffic is stopped for particular hours to give security clearance and protocol to Bureaucrats and Ministers.

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However, it seems like VIPs are having a normal queued routine in foreign countries to avail their services. A video is circulating over the internet in which Sindh Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah is standing in the queue with a lady to get his driving license.

Was he really CM Sindh ?

The authenticity of clip is yet not cleared and no senior official has confirmed about it but netizens are already have a lot to talk about the topic. A video clip in which man wearing a black jacket is seen at driving license office at Kitchener, a city of Canada.

As the clip went viral, all other political members and social media users started commenting on it. Some of the users shared that, Pakistan is going bankrupt and here our leaders are already planning to settle outside.

Some of the users also said that, Is he a Canadian Nationality holder because you can’t get a Driving license without nationality.

Fawad Chohdary, senior leader of PTI also said that, “Everyone is making a back up plan overseas, apathy of people occupying top positions in the state of Pak is beyond limits”. He also shared the clip on his official Twitter handle.

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One of the user said that, Zardari is getting surgery done in Dubai, CM is getting driving license in Canada. Here Sindhis are waiting in line to get Free expired flour that was also bought from Ukraine.

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