Unique Alignment of Five Planets

Unique Alignment of Five Planets

Sky has always the source of eye catching and breath taking views for sky gazers. Tonight it would show the best view of five planets alignment along with moon. The view will be visible in almost an arc on the night sky.

The visible planets include Jupiter, Mercury, Venus, Uranus and Mars. All the planets will be visible on sky together. The Sky gazers and star lovers are all excited to view this breath taking moment.

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The Scientist from NASA Bill Cooke told media that planets will be visible on 28th March and the allignment will look very pretty.

How to watch this view ?

The five planets would be visible along the arc line of crescent moon. Jupiter will appear brighter than Mercury. Among the whole group of Planets, Venus would be the brightest. Venus would be visible with the naked eye and Uranus would be the most difficult to find out with normal eyes.

Mars will also appear very high in the sky but it would be visible, another scientist also explained that after sunset, people would be able to see the brightest part of sky and fainted Mercury along with Jupiter by using Binoculars.

In order to see the view more clearly, people are advised to go to places with less or no pollution.

Reason behind Planet Alignment

The Planets align frequently in solar system because all the planets revolve around sun in the same plane. It was past happened in June when Mercury, Venus, Saturn and Jupiter stretched across the sky from low in the east.

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The Planets alignment last year was the first one after eighteen years. Such a breath taking event is expected to happen next in 2040.

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