Launch of Roman Telescope

Launch of Roman Telescope

NASA came up with a thrilling update especially for people obsessed to observe space. Recently NASA disclosed the news of launching Roman Telescope that will be able to collect extensive data of space. The Roman Telescope is the size of 2.4m telescope as same as the size of Hubble’s but with 100 times improved resolution.

Consisting of two instruments Wide Field Instrument and Coronagraph Instrument technology.
James Web Space Telescope contains sun shield and pallet structures that will cover around the telescope. It’s amazing feature will enable astronomers to reveal the mysteries of space.

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In addition, they shared eye captivating shots of galaxies. It will capture more of the sky consuming less observing time. It will perform a micro lensing survey of milky wave.

Scientists are trying to working on another project to build another Telescope that will leave James Web behind by its extravagant features.
“Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope” is predicted to be launched by year 2027, according to Euronews Report. Astronomers are hopeful that it will gather more detailed information and will able to answer queries regarding astrophysics.

Telescope will be able to capture more panoramic views of milky wave and will help to analyze statistical studies.

Difference of Roman telescope from Hubbles’ telescope

Pictures resolved the confusion as the current pictures give a detailed insight of space whereas Roman telescope will provide much more broader view, extensive details and 200 times improved version.

Sirianni also claimed that Roman telescope will be able to survey other objects in space. Including Wolf- Rayet star that is most massive and detectable stars still known. It was the initial observations made by NASA through James Web telescope.

Hubble was unable to take panoramic view of space thus it took about 400 plus pictures to collect and have a complete view space. Whereas Roman telescope will be able to take broad spected view in one single shot.

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Hubble gathered data of 170 terabytes in 30 years contrastingly it is expected that James web will gather data of 1k terabytes in just five years.

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