Horrifying things caused by Space travel

Horrifying things caused by Space travel

Space travel can actually have an impact on human body, psychologically and physiologically. According to the detailed study published in the journal cells, there are a lot of ways by which space travel can transform human body.

The medical specialists from Houstons’ Baylor University claimed different effects of space travel on human body.

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Celestial Dust

The particles of matter, and celestial dust present in space and on other planets like moon can enter the lungs of space traveler causing the mysterious diseases without proper medication. The effects of these dust particles present in space can cause respiratory disorders, ocular or dermal.


According to a research by Futurism, astronauts travelling space are more likely to get cancer because of defects present in space radiations. Another study revealed that 34 new cancer mutations were examined in astronauts travelling space for a longer period.

Immune System

Research from the past 10 years revealed that space environment can also impair the immune system as well as increase the rate of dormant infections in human body. Pre and post flight tests of astronauts also revealed that a lot of infectious bacteria are found in human body causing damage to immune system.

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One of another study revealed that bacteria found in astronauts’ body are more resistant to antibodies and medication.

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