Students clash at Punjab University

Students clash at Punjab University

Violence in Educational Institutes has been an issue of concern from past few years, students organizations and violent groups get in conflict with each other making it difficult to study in peaceful environment.

A clash took place between two students organizations in Punjab University, causing many students to peace hostels and university to save themselves from any kind of incident. During the conflict, two groups also started firing in university premises, including 47 students.

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The law forces reached the university and arrested some students involved in conflictm The CCPO Lahore and Additional IG Bilal Siddique Kamyana took the notice of incident. A lot of female students of hostels rushed out at night towards their homes due to dangerous conflict resulting in fighting and firing against each other.

Quaid E Azam University conflict

Last week Quaid E Azam University also faced same incident of conflict resulting in disagreement between two students organizations. University is closed down for an indefinite period of time.

Dr Raja Qaiser Ahmad, the registrar of varsity said that the clash happened on Monday and after that students were directed to leave the university hostels as soon as possible to prevent any serious situation.

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The Islamabad Police evacuated the university hostels completely in cooperation with university administration. Interior Minister Rana Sana Ullah took the notice of incident saying that we will not allow any kind of politics to take over the peace of our universities.

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