April 9th, Punjab & KP elections date announced

April 9th, Punjab & KP elections date announced

President Alvi announced the date for elections in KP and Punjab starting from 9th April, saying that he is under oath to preserve the constitutional and statutory duties for Pakistan. Announcing election is also one of his duty which is obligatory to fulfill. He also criticized the Governor Punjab Baligh Ur Rahman for not performing his constitutional duties.

He said that governor Punjab was appointed for 90 days after the dissolution of assemblies but he did not announced the date. He also added that election commission of Pakistan is also not protecting the constitutional obligation of Pakistan for holding polls.

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Blame game by institutions

He further added and Urdu proverb “pehlay ap pehlay app” saying that all the constitutional offices are referring each other to take action first and resulting in delay of elections causing serious danger for country in terms of economy and other issues.

President Alvi said that ECP showed his concern of holding the elections within 90 days but now the institution is silent.

Legal experts said that announcing the dates for election is responsibility of governor under Article 105. In any case president need to consult Election Commission before announcing dates. This announcement of election dates came after his invitation pf consultation was turned down by Election Commission of Pakistan ECP.

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Quoting a letter by President Alvi when Election Commission of Pakistan ECP turned down his invitation then he took the decision of announcing election dates under the section 57(1) of elections act 2017.

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