Comsats University Facing backlash for highly objectionable Questions in exams

Comsats University Facing backlash for highly objectionable Questions in exams

Comsats University Islamabad informed Ministry of Science and Technology that faculty member who made the question paper for English composition exam have been terminated, concerned department is doing further investigations for all the members involved.

According to the details, content of English quiz of BEE, first semester course code HUM 100. The university administration took the notice after question paper went viral on internet, the administration head wrote that he is directed to give explanation to Ministry of Science and Technology above the subject and tell them that action has been taken already against the concerned person. Some faculty members has also been blacklisted and one visiting faculty lecturer has been terminated.

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It is important to note here that students of Bachelor of Electric Engineering of Comsats University were “shocked” after seeing such an objectionable and highly unethical question in their exams. There are a lot of questions in people’s mind regarding the ethics of education institute and caliber of lecturers who are here to educate students.

Notice from Ministry of Science and technology

Additional registrar Naveed Ahmad Khan confirmed that a highly objectionable question was asked in exams, the very next day rector of university called a meeting and asked the lecturer to explain this, to which he responded that it was his mistake to ask such a stupid question. He got fired at the spot what more a university administration can do, rector said.

Rector added that, his services have been terminated and investigations are still on going to check the involvement of any other faculty member. The question was totally plagiarized from google. Another Faculty member said that, “it was a really shameful act and it shows the examination system of university”.

The faculty member added that why did the examination committee did not took any action about the question paper, the issue was revealed when students complained, even the lecturer was not terminated until Ministry of Science and Technology took notice of the incident.

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This shows that our institutes still need to revise their laws and regulation. Students and parents trust the institutes and come here for getting education. This issue needs to be investigated properly and university should work on strong laws and regulations for faculty members.

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