GB government tripled the Educational expenditure

GB government tripled the Educational expenditure

The GB government is concerned about human development more than anything, by increasing the educational budget to Rs 922 million, setting an example to be followed by all other provincial governments. The education budget last year was 300 million which is now increased to huge level but GB government is making sure to spend this budget for good use in education.

The Gilgit Baltistan Government initiated several projects, including science, technology, computer coding, mathematics education, and entrepreneurship for 20,000 students. This was the historic achievement in public sector of Pakistan

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The government converted all the higher secondary schools into smart schools, with expert teachers providing quality education to students. The main aim of government is to provide students with best computer education to deal with future challenges. As the world is growing so rapidly in the field of Information technology, GB government is making students expert in computer programming.

More than 300 computer labs were established in 200 solarized schools, more than 100 schools are specialized for sports education. Four new IT parks are specialized for computer coding providing education to 15,000 students.

The GB government hosted first of its kind in career fest, which was attended by 16,000 students in which more than 700 new teachers were recruited. 3D printers are Robotic kits are also installed in primary schools to make kids aware of robotic studies.

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Gilgit Baltistan government has proved that education is the basic requirement for every individual and modern education is changing the culture of whole world. The other provincial governments of Pakistan should also work on providing quality modern education for students to help Pakistan grow better.

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