Feroz Khan sent notice to famous celebrities

Feroz Khan sent notice to famous celebrities

The Khan Actor Feroz Khan sent legal notice for defamation to fellow actors for defaming him regards to accusation made by his ex wife Aliza Sultan Khan.

Feroze khan posted a tweet in which he mentioned about taking legal action against celebrities who are defaming him online. Earlier on Tuesday, he also posted some screenshots of legal documents but later he deleted it.

Feroz Khan sent legal defamation notice to Yasir Hussain, Mansha Pasha, Fahad Mirza, Aiman Khan, Minal Khan and Musaddiq Malik. Khan posted that Yasir Hussain defamed him on social media and he also posted some screenshots of different numbers asking him money and favours. Feroz Khan officially sent notice to these celebrities for defaming and spreading fake rumors’ against him over the internet.

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Yasir Hussain’s allegations

Yasir Hussain also took the issue to social media and said that he just criticized the action of fellow actor, it is not the case of defamation. Feroz Khan should stop behaving non seriously. Fahad Mirza, actor and plastic surgeon also shared a piece of Feroz Khan’s legal notice saying that it is “Moron Alert”, censoring the celebrity’s personal numbers and details.

Aliza Sultan Khan and Feroz Khan got married in 2018 and have a son and daughter together. They announced their divorce in September. Aliza Sultan filed a case of domestic abuse against Feroz khan, while Feroz Khan is seeking for custody of their kids saying that his wife is not mentally stable for taking care of kids.

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The case is still continued in Karachi family court, in the last hearing court ordered the medical staff and SHO to submit verification report of Aliza’s medical.

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