21 people died of Mysterious disease

21 people died of Mysterious disease

Mysterious disease came out in Afghanistan, killing more than 21 people in two days. The disease spread in wakhan area of Pamir region in Afghanistan. The medical team of Afghanistan is working in current area to find out the exact nature of disease.

According to local authorities in Badakhshan, the disease cause temperature and killed more than 21 people. The medical teams also reached Afghanistan via neighboring Tajikistan. In eastern Pamir region of Afghanistan, Turkic speaking Kyrgyz people live. This area of Afghanistan borders with China, Pakistan and Tajikistan. The disease is viral and spreading from people contact.

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Report by Afghanistan Health Ministry

The health ministry of Afghanistan and professional medical team is working on it and finding out exact reason and cause of disease. In 2019, the advent of Covid-19 also started, the disease causing viral flu and temperature and result in death. Some of the medical experts are saying that this is also a variant of Covid-19 but still it is a chance.

The symptoms of this disease is mainly temperature and sudden death, this lower signs of symptoms are making it difficult to find the exact reason and bacteria of this viral disease. Experts are giving different opinions on outbreak of this disease but do not yet know what the virus is actually and how it is spreading.

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An expert health team has been sent to investigate the exact nature of disease. The minister of Kyrgyzstan also announced that a health team form Kyrgyzstan has been sent to help people suffering from disease and to stop this respiratory infection which is causing deaths in Afghanistan.

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