Islamabad Suicide Bomber got training in Afghanistan

Islamabad Suicide Bomber got training in Afghanistan

The suicide bomber who blew him up in federal Capital Islamabad, was found to be trained from Afghanistan. According to the investigation the suicide bomber got his training from Afghanistan in 2022, in late 2022 he returned to Pakistan and lived in Parachinar, Kurram Agency. Before the suicide bomb on 23 December, the attacker moved to different localities including Hangu.

 According to the investigation, the attacker was wearing black jacket with explosive material but it is not cleared yet that someone gave him the jacket or he travelled with it.

After arriving Islamabad Bus terminal, the attacker talked with someone on phone and then booked a taxi towards Islamabad.  The suicide bomber was 22 years old, resident of Khyber district, got his training from Afghanistan. The main target of attacker is yet not confirmed.

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Pakistan in talk with Afghanistan government

Pakistan foreign office is in talk with Afghanistan government on security issues. Earlier Pakistani officials said to Afghan officials to stop facilitating other terrorist agencies creating fear and terror in society.

While Afghanistan government also claimed a plane attack in Afghanistan, the official news agency of Afghanistan reported that these attacks were from Pakistan to kill terrorists. Pakistan government is working with Afghanistan government to stop these terrorist attacks in both Muslim countries.

In the past few months, Pakistan also faced same terrorism challenges, in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Punjab and as well as the federal capital. The outside forces of terrorists are involved in these terrorist attacks in Muslim countries which should be stopped.

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Pakistan and Afghanistan will never allow any terrorist group to involve in any kind of terrorist activity within country and destroy the peace and security of nation. In the past few months, Pakistan faced terrorism because of national and international threats. Pakistani government is working along with Pakistan military officials to maintain the security of country.

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