ARY news license banned

ARY news license banned

PEMRA put a ban on broadcasting Imran Khan’s speech on all the satellite channels because he lashed out at former Army Chief of Pakistan and accused of him for protecting corruption of incumbent rulers in alleged cases.

An hours later PEMRA took notice and put up a ban on on airing any kind of speech of Former Prime Minister Imran Khan. ARY news violated the law and broadcast the recent talk of Imran Khan which resulted in suspension of channels’ license.

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It is the third stop to Imran Khan’s speeches and media talks, first of its kind was imposed on September 6, 2022 by Islamabad high court. The second one was imposed but withdrawn after some hours by government.

Prohibition order

On 5 March 2023 PEMRA directed all the satellite TV channels to refrain from broadcasting media talks and speeches of Imran Khan on immediate effect calling it a “Prohibition Order”.

According to the notification issued by Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA), in case of non-compliance, the license of TV channel will be suspended under section 30 of PEMRS ordinance 2002 without any show cause notice.

PEMRA explained the baseless allegations and hate speech law in Imran Khan’s statements against respected officers and institutions of Pakistan. His speeches are prejudicial for law and order situation of country, putting a ban on his speeches are only for peace and tranquility of public.

In response to ban on media talks of Imran Khan, PTI leader Fawad Chohdary said that, it is totally an attempt to silence Imran Khan’s voice and we will challenge this step of PEMRA in court and media channels should do the same.

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Senior Executive Vice President of PEMRA Ammad Yousaf tweeted that, “Foregoing in view, the competent authority, PEMRA Chairman in exercise of powers vested in Section 30(3) of PEMRA ordinance 2002 as amended by PEMRA act 2007 suspends broadcast satellite TV channel license conferred to ARY communication Ltd with immediate effect”.

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