Islamabad to get three satellite Terminals

Islamabad to get three satellite Terminals

The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has allocated Rs 10 billion for development of latest projects in Islamabad. These projects include digital village scheme, solid waste management project, swerage systems and constructions of roads.

CDA also approved the project of construction of three new bus terminals and three satellite terminals in Islamabad. During the meeting led by Prime Minister Shahbaz Shareef to discuss all the details of this project.

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Under-developed projects in Islamabad

Prime Minister Shahbaz Shareef also discussed the under-development projects in Islamabad Bara Kahu Bypass, IJP road, 7th avenue interchange, Margalla Avenue and Islamabad plaza. Prime Minister directed to complete all these projects as soon as possible.

The meeting management also informed that 7th Avenue Interchange and Margalla Avenue Projects has been completed and IJP road project will be completed by March 23. The meeting also discussed the increasing issue of parking problems in Islamabad. The Authority is making parking plazas in F-8, F-10 and G9 areas.

The CDA chairman also gave briefing about on going international projects in the country. Prime Minister directed the CDA chairman to look over the projects keenly and make sure that international workers should be provided with best facilities and security.

CDA chairman also provided the details of new national Bus Terminal and Feeder Buses telling that terminals are of international standards and three satellite terminals will be built with private investment help.

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13 new feeder of buses will be started in next 90 days. It will benefit around 0.2 million people with best travel facilities in low fares. The Prime Minister also focused on importance of investment in transport projects.

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