Digital Village Project in Pakistan

Digital Village Project in Pakistan

Under the vision of Digital vision for Pakistan, the foundation of Pakistan’s first digital village has been inaugurated by Federal IT Minister. This digital village aims to provide digitally transform remote and rural communities with best internet facilities and digital well-being to improve their life quality.

Pakistan is the first country to start a project of digital village in Asian-Pacific region. This project of smart village comes under the umbrella of Smart Villages of Pakistan, an initiative under the supervision of Universal Service Fund (USF), International Telecommunication Unit (ITU) and Ministry of IT and Telecommunications.

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Minister of IT Syed Amin Ul Haq said that this pilot project will help rural areas to overcome challenges and initiate the best way towards education, finance, healthcare and other services. Problem like lack of employment, income sources, digital literacy rate and technological gaps can be solved with this project.

The project is a valley settlement located 21 kilometers away from Islamabad named as Gokina Smart Village Project. This village has high schools for boys and girls but there were no science teachers which create hurdles for students to gain professional opportunities.

The project will help starting e-education(Tele-Taleem) to solve these issues. There is a medical center in village but it is limited in medical services. For this an e-health provider (Sehat-Kahani) will help the villagers to get advices from professional doctors and nurses.

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Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of USF said that Gokina Smart Village Project will envision the future of digital well-being in Pakistan. It will provide sustainable digital growth which is a key step in success of any country. This project will help un-served and underserved communities of rural areas in Pakistan. Our esteemed partners are NADRA, Jazz and Huawei as well as Tele-Taleem and Sehat Kahani service providers.

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