Shopkeeper fired on AC in Karachi

Shopkeeper fired on AC in Karachi

In Sikandar Goth area of Karachi, a shopkeeper opened firing on Assistant Commissioner when he asked about the prices of milk as an ordinary citizen. The Assistant Commissioner decided to visit the milk shop after receiving several complaints against milk prices and prfiteering.

The Assistant Commissioner decided to visit the shop as an ordinary citizen without any security and protocol. After finding out about the high prices of milk by shopkeeper, AC asked about the price list provided by government which made the shopkeeper furious.

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Profiteers increasing inflation

After an argument AC summoned the police to arrest the shopkeeper for profiteering, shopkeeper closed the shop and tried to run away but police arrested him to which he opened fire on Assistant Commissioner.

The Assistant Commissioner narrowly escaped the gun fire after lying on floor. Luckily no other person was harmed by the fire. Police later tried to arrest the shopkeeper but residents area scuffled with officials and freed the accused.

Along with new mini budget and economy crises, inflation is increasing day by day but the main problem is about some black sheeps in the market which increases prices on their own and cause difficulty for citizens.

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There are a lot of profiteers in flour market, daily food items, like vegetables, fruits, meat and milk. Government is trying hardly to counter against these profiteers and make sure that all the things are available on normal prices for public.

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