Hazim Bangwar, most stylish Assistant Commissioner

Hazim Bangwar, most stylish Assistant Commissioner

Hazim Bangwar is recently appointed Assistant Commissioner of Nazimabad Karachi, he broke a lot of political trends and visited Karachi without full proof security and uploaded pictures on social media. He also has a YouTube channel where he give beauty and fashion tips to people. Mr. Bangwar completed his education from America and son of former DIG.

He is termed as the coolest assistant commissioner in Pakistan, because of his 29 year old colorful and glamorous personality. The pictures of newly appointed Assistant Commissioner went viral appreciating his talents in many fields.

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Hazim Bangwar biography

Hazim Bangwar completed his education in Fashion designing and marketing from AIU London and then he pursued a degree in LLB from University of London. He is also fond of music and fashion, sang a lot of songs and done modeling with Jessie J, Future and Ciara. He also released his first titled album “haram”, which got hit in South Korea, India and Egypt, becoming first Pakistani singer to reach global channels.

Not only music and fashion, Hazim is also interested in helping people, he also established a foundation Hazim Bangwar foundation which aims to provide education to needy people, environmental and animal welfare. He also worked with national and international NGOs like WWF, SOS, Dar ul Sukoon and PETA.

Netizens on Twitter have different views on his appointment some challenge his fashion and beauty sense as it is not according to traditional masculine Assistant Commissioner. One of the guy on twitter said that this guy is a prove that our institutions have become a mockery. It’s not about the profession but it’s about his style to carry on this post.

Some of the twitter users jumped in his favor and said that he is better than many so called leaders who are just troubling the public all time. Another user said that we are no one to judge him on his appearance but on his work and ability to pass the competitive exam and earned this position.

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Sindh government spokesperson Murtaza Wahab took it to twitter and applauded Hazim Bangwar saying that I have known him for more than a year and he worked really efficiently as UT officer in district. He is one of the compassionate officer I have known.

Speaking to Geo news, Hazim said that you all can judge me on my work not on my personal life, he said that he has worked abroad and here as well but he felt that Pakistan needed him more, and he decided to stay here and work for people of Pakistan. He added that if someone want to make scandals they can do, I will not back from my work and support people regardless.

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