Best Ideas to Start a Youtube Channel in 2024

Start a Youtube Channel in 2023

YouTube is Vast Platform

YouTube is a vast platform that has billions of videos of various types. It provides remedies to every problem in the world and is enormous.

While some platforms may not provide a suitable answer, it is difficult to not find a video on a particular topic on YouTube. It didn’t become the second-largest search engine in the world for nothing, did it?

Start a Channel

Now that you have decided to start a channel, you may be hesitant about selecting the best concept or theme for it. It is acceptable to feel this way because not every channel is effective.

On the one hand, choosing the incorrect idea in the beginning can have disastrous consequences. On the other side, a poorly articulated correct idea might undermine the entire argument.

1. Photography/Cinematic Channels

If you are among those with such an aesthetic sensibility, you can either create a Photography or Videography channel, depending on your area of skill and level of comfort. You can discuss everything associated with these two areas on your channel, from the fundamentals to filmmaking skills.

You can also critique equipment and properties that can be useful during filming, as well as offer editing suggestions, advice, and more.

2. Educational Channels

YouTube videos are used by students and adults alike who desire to learn online. Because educational videos are freely accessible and easily accessible on YouTube. Therefore, if you wish to teach your fellow residents, an educational channel is the way to go.

Khan Academy is an excellent example of such a channel, however there are countless others. Khan academy is a nice channel with over 1.7 billion views and 5.91 million subscribers. It focuses on assisting teachers and students with skill development to make education and learning more enjoyable.

3. Gaming Channels

Would you believe that the second-most-subscribed-to channel began as a gaming channel?

Whether you accept it or not, the fact remains!

PewDiePie is the proud owner of this channel with more than 26 billion views and 107 million subscribers. Initially, he uploaded Let’s Play videos with recordings of himself playing horror and action video games. His gaming abilities and unique sense of humor helped him quickly garner followers, and the rest, as they say, is history. Check out this video with over 9.6 million views from him.

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4. Vlogging Channels

Since forever, vlogging channels have been growing popularity! And the best part is that you may create a vlog about any topic that interests you. As long as your topic is engaging and you convey it with passion and zeal, you’ve set the bar appropriately!

Peruse this list to gain inspiration and improve your Vlogging talents.

5. Tech Channels

Everything in this digital world is managed and directed by technology. Everyone, from children to adults, is always on their phones, tablets, or laptops. It would not be an exaggeration to compare our mobile devices to a third hand.

The scene is now set for all tech-savvy folks to demonstrate their expertise and spread the news. You will also notice yourself learning a great deal while on the move, because technology is a vast, expansive universe that provides a great deal to those with their ears open.

This channel type will be incredibly useful for all types of users, including noobs, tech-savvy humans, and “somewhere-between-noob-and-pro” users. Even if you’re an expert in technology, smartphones, the internet, and gadgets, you may not recall every detail and specification. Therefore, your channel can be a lifesaver for individuals who are uncertain.

6. Fitness Channels

People become cognizant of their bodies and weight at some point. They begin taking special care of themselves, go on a diet, make a New Year’s resolve to lose weight, and join a gym, only to discover that their slothful selves are unable to move their behinds.

Therefore, they search the Internet for techniques to lose weight at home. This is where your channel can be beneficial to them!

You may begin exercising like Chloe Ting. Chloe Ting has 14.8 million subscribers and 1.2 billion views on her YouTube channel. She is well-known for her “Two-week” video series, which helps viewers tone their bodies. Additionally, she posts films depicting the before-and-after transformations of those who followed her workouts.

7. Political Satire/News Channels

YouTube can be a valuable resource for you. Who can say? There may be many like-minded individuals who look to your channel for inspiration. It is always preferable to be the change you seek, correct?

Young Turks is one of these channels. This channel broadcasts videos that provide commentary on various types of news. This channel began as a radio talk show before transforming into a YouTube channel. It has almost 5 billion views and around 4.95 million subscribers.

8. Comedy Channels

Comedy can draw in a large audience. Although it is difficult to generate, the correct type of comedy may be quite effective. Additionally, humorous films might generate exceptional results for your YouTube channel.

If you are wondering what types of videos can be created, the list is exhaustive. You can perform anything, from The Ellen Show-style spoof videos to Superwoman impersonations.

9. Makeup Channels

If you can convert yourself into a Diva in a matter of seconds, you can launch a YouTube channel to demonstrate your skills.

Here’s NikkieTutorials. Nikkie is an influencer that specializes in evaluating cosmetics. To demonstrate the power of makeup and to demonstrate that cosmetics can dramatically enhance people’s appearance, she undertakes numerous difficulties and tries various techniques. Her channel has over 1 billion views and 13.6 million subscribers.

10. Experiment Channels

Experiment films are an effective means of attracting their attention. Similar to reading a book or viewing a film, the viewer is more interested in the conclusion of the video.

We must provide the audience with compelling video content. And if you produce informative and engaging content, people will return to your channel in search of further cool videos.

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