Top 5 websites all college students should know about

Top 5 websites all college students should know about

College assignments and projects can be very challenging sometimes. These websites are aimed at reducing your burden and make your college life easier.

College students may need help from the internet to complete their assignments and study online. At times, college assignments and exams can get overwhelming. Therefore, there are several websites on the internet to help you overcome any challenge in various aspects of college life. 

From assignments and projects to exams and other activities, every college student must take help from these websites to make a major difference in their efforts, including essay writing, science problems, solving difficult maths issues, and organizing activities among others. 

Here are the top 5 websites every college student should know:

  1. Canvas or Blackboard

One of the leading learning management systems, Canvas will be your go-to website for all your syllabus and assignment related queries, including deadlines and grades. Depending on your campus and individual classes, Canvas or Blackboard are used by professors to post major announcements related to assignments, exams and grades for students. 

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2. Chegg

It provides all kinds of student services, including textbook and e-book rentals. CheggStudy is one of the most prominent features of the website providing information about textbook solutions and expert Q&A by leading professionals in the industry. Students can also search for frequently asked questions and other queries related to their desired topics. Such productive features make it one of the top websites every college student should know.

3. Google Calendar

Google Calendar is a great organisation technique to manage your busy schedule. Students can use Google Calendar to keep a track of their classes, assignment deadlines, and extracurricular activities to enhance proficiency and productivity during their college. 

4. Jstor

Jstor is a fantastic online research database subscribed to by your college. It has access to more than 12 million academic journal articles along with primary sources, and books to help college students with their assignments, thesis and other projects. Students must check their school’s library website to check all research databases it has subscribed to make the most of the potential of such websites. 

5. Glass Door

Glass Door website can be used by college students to gain information about internships or permanent job positions with a certain company after graduation. It is one of the best websites every college student should know post graduation. The website uses reviews from actual employees of the companies to provide necessary information about the corporate culture in the firms. Students can learn about the prospects of working in such firms before applying for relevant posts.

These are only some of the top websites which college students should know about to make their life easier during and after graduation. Do you know about more such websites? Let us know in the comments

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