Strong earthquake in Turkey, killing more than 100

Strong earthquake in Turkey, killing more than 100

A major earthquake of magnitude 7.9 struck Central Turkey and Syria, killed many people in it and hitting a lot of buildings. The earthquake also felt in regions of Cyprus and Lebanon. Many citizens of Turkey came out in streets and many left under the collapsed buildings. Erdem, a citizen of Turkey reported to media that I have never felt such an earthquake in history, we were shaken at least three times.

The disaster agency of Turkey reported that more than 100 people are killed and 440 are hurt and some are still under the buildings. The authorities deployed rescue teams and aircraft to affected areas. The President of Turkey spoke by telephone to officials of different affected provinces, to gather information on victims of earthquake.

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Earthquake damage in Syria

A Syrian health officer also told media that more than 230 people are killed and nearly 600 are injured, more than 10 buildings collapsed in city of Salqin. President Bashar Al Asad called the emergency meeting to review the damage and solutions.

People in Damascus and Lebanese cities also rushed over to their cars and stayed there to save themselves from buildings collapsed. The White house National security supervisor also took it to the twitter and said that United States is closely looking into the earthquake affected areas in Turkey and Syria and have been in touch with Turkish officials to provide any kind of aid.

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The Turkish Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu said that our primary job is to rescue and search work in all areas to save more people from any damage. Earthquake wave is also felt in capital of Turkey, Ankara in 286 miles northwest region. Turkey is one of the most earthquake prone area in the world, the 1999 earthquake killed more than 17000 people and 2011 earthquake killed 500 people.

The Prime Minister of Pakistan Shahbaz Shareef paid condolences and sympathies to Turkish and Syrian people. The Foreign office of Pakistan also said that Pakistan will provide all the possible aid to Turkish people in this sad incident. The people of Pakistan stand with Turkish people in their hour of grief.

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