What is happening to Earth’s inner core?

What is happening to Earth’s inner core?

We are able to see only 0.5% of earth surface from the place we live in, it is always said that there would be an end of this world and according to Islam, there would be an end when everything on all the planets will destroy and there will be the day of judgement. However according to latest studies by scientists, the inner mysterious core of earth stopped rotating.

The inner core of earth is an iron ball located deep below the crust and covered by liquefied outer core, the scientists have always been confused about this inner core and didn’t succeeded in any research on it.

According to the very latest study, the inner iron core of earth just stopped rotating before it changes its direction. According to the religion, it is one of the sign of dooms day but scientists are saying that it is of no worry, this is normal and the inner core of earth will just start rotating after an interval. The scientists are researching on it but still not giving any statement on the matter.

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Researches around the world

An associate Researcher at Peking University, Yi Yang analyzed all the waves of earth quakes hitting the inner core from 1960 onwards. The analysis of research determined the intensity level of how quickly the inner core of earth is spinning. The results of this research is posted on Monday in Journal of Nature Geoscience.

John Vidale from University of Southern California said that we don’t need to have deep understanding of earth, it is just normal to change its direction after specific interval. According to different researches from around the world, the earth will undergo changes after several intervals.

The scientists are not yet able to see the inner core of earth directly but they are examining the details of core by estimating the earthquake waves hitting the inner core and Cold war nuclear testing.

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This inner core of earth normally rotates a little faster than rest of earth surface and it is made of pure solid iron, and nickel. Many other authors wrote that inner core has suddenly stopped its rotation and it will experience a turning back in this decade. Another study explained that inner core of earth is evolving with passage of time.

John Vidale and his colleague researchers from Southern University of California are working on seismic waves of earthquake and trying to find out the reasons behind changing the direction of inner core’s rotation.

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