Double life sentence for setting parents on fire

Double life sentence for setting parents on fire

A man, named Muhammad Waseem set his old parents on fire saying that they are responsible for his fight with wife. The convict blamed his parents for his wife’s refusal to return home. Following a fight with his Muhammad Waseem brutally tortured his parents and set them on fire.

Rawalpindi court ordered double death sentence to culprit. The sources told that this cruel incident took place in June last year when after a fight, culprit’s wife left home. When he went to take her back she refused to come and convict than killed his parents in anger. The convict firstly tortured his parents by physical violence and then set them on fire by using petrol.

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The culprit Muhammad Waseem told the court that his parents are responsible for destroying his life so he killed them without any other thought. The court put him in serious security as the mental situation of culprit was not okay. After hearings of several months, court detained him with double death sentence and fine of Rs 600,000.

Increasing family issues

According to recent researches, the number of divorce rates and family issues are increasing day by day in Pakistan. People often complain about their disturbed life because of family disturbances. Pakistan being a religious society, pays close attention to culture and norms in which family plays a very important role in well-being of a person. But with these increasing fight cases, is it possible to live a peaceful life?

Many researchers claimed that increasing inflation and poverty are the main reasons of family issues but these cases are also present in middle class and elite families. There are a lot of people who cannot focus on their jobs and business because of their mental disturbance in family.

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There should be proper laws in government to lessen the cases of domestic violence and domestic problems. The government of Pakistan should focus on giving proper rights to a women in family as well as the person who is working outside. There should be equality in both the genders to avoid conflicts.

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